Sustainability. Cultivation. Excellence.

Outlier Genetics is the true essence of Jamaica: community, culture, and excellence. Located on a 100 acre all-organic farm, Outlier has developed partnerships with farmers that are focused on excellence in Cultivation, Community, Environmental and Social Responsibility. All of our products are sun-grown, in 100% custom-mixed on-site soil, spring-watered, slow-cured and hand trimmed. We do NOT use ANY pesticides, Chemicals OR growth hormones. We only add love, respect, care coupled with pride in our work, commitment to growing the highest-grade hemp and providing the most potent medicine.


Outlier’s competitive advantage lies in its marriage of artisan cultivations processes coupled with state of the art technology, process efficiency in cultivation, processing and production.
▶ Sustainable organic cultivation practices
▶ Best in class genetics
▶ Decades of cumulative experience in agriculture, chemistry, engineering and the botanical sciences
▶ Turn-key, contract growth and processing solutions
▶ Mobile cloud based monitoring and supply chain solution


OUTLIER’S partners employ a variety of cultivation methods to grow the finest possible organic hemp plants. We work with every farm, large or small, to produce a high quality product that will add value to both your brand and bottom line. Our current growth methods include:
▶ Outdoor growth
▶ Indoor growth
▶ Greenhouse


Outlier Genetics is obsessed with the genetics of our plants, as they have a decisive influence on the results of our harvest and the quality of the the product that is produced. Outlier’s goal is to provide a consistent high level of quality genetics and seeds, to preserve the health, vigor, and genetic diversity of hemp and to breed the purest quality and potency. All seeds are from 100% organic production with strict quality control and we manage the seed bank in an ecologically responsible way.