Extraction. Engineering. Excellence.

Outlier Engineering designs and develops bespoke, turnkey, high capacity, controlled-environment extraction and processing laboratories for the bio-pharmaceutical, nutriceutical and agricultural industries, including cultivators of legal hemp. Portable, scalable and fully automated, our extraction labs are delivered fully assembled and ready to go, or can be assembled on-site inside a facility.


Outlier specializes in the design, development, manufacturing and service of high output ethanol Extraction and CO2 systems. Our products are built with a focus on quality, ease-of-use, and with the highest potential efficiency in mind. The current marketplace is looking for new innovative, clean, and green products that are both beneficial to the user and the environment.


Extraction Machines

Our out the box extraction laboratories are pre-packaged in ISO 9000 clean rooms. Available sizes include:
- 100L
- 200L
- 400L
- 800L

Mobile Extraction Machines

Outlier Mobile Extraction Solutions are industry certified machines that are housed in 20ft mobile trailers or 26ft box trucks. Available models include: 
- 50L
- 75L
- 100L